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Samdrup Jongkhar benefits from fish farming

Kinzang Yeshi, Samdrup Jongkhar
Dec 30, 2012

FishFArmingSJTowards afternoon, farmers of Langchenphug Gewog in Samdrup Jongkhar can be seen getting into pond with fishing net. They wait for the temperature to come down, which they say, is suitable for harvesting fish.

When they get the right temperature, a few of them hold one end of the net and the rest, the other end.  And in one scooping movement, they have their catch in the net.

The fry (young fish) are released back into the pond and rest taken to Jomotsangkha market for sale.

The famers in Langchenphug say fish farming has benefited them economically. They have been into fish farming since 2004.

“We are able to earn cash and also get to eat fish without having to spend,” said a farmer of Langchenphug, Sha Bahadur Subba.

Apart from Langchenphug, other gewogs like Phuntshothang and Pemathang are also into fish farming. There are as many as 116 households that are into fish farming in the three gewogs.

They say rearing fish is simpler compared to rearing other animals. “We can easily feed the fish with available natural resources like grass and banana leaves which grows abundantly in our gewogs,” said Sha Bahadur Subba.

Also, the people living in the three gewogs are enthusiastic about fish farming.  “We have active members of farmers in fish farming and have formed three groups, one at Rongchthang, second one in Jangsa village and the third one in Langchenphug,” said Lhadup Dorji, the Lagchenphug Gup.

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The three groups have 33 members. Lhadup Dorji said the groups were able to sell about right metric tons of fish last year. “We could earn well.”

The present fish farmers group will become a co-operative with proper management and accounting soon. There are plans to have marketing person elected from within the group.

The farmers will also make monthly contribution for group saving.

According to the Livestock Division, gewogs like Gomdar and Samrang are also keen on taking up fish farming.

An exhibition and sale, to promote fish farming, held at Jomotsangkha in October attracted many people.  Students and teachers from the nearby school also participated in the exhibition.




11 Comments for “Samdrup Jongkhar benefits from fish farming”

  1. Ugyen Penjor

    When Bhutan is trying to minimize the consumption of Non-veg items like Beef, Pork, Chicken and other items…why fishing is encouraged. Just for making income to some group of people, the very essence of Buddhism seems to be vanishing from the minds of Buddhist.

    For instance: In National Geographic Channel, when we see tiger chasing the female deer and after sometimes, the deer escapes due to some good fortune, we applaud since the life of a deer has been saved. But, what do we have for dinner…………..Pork , Chicken, Beef and so on.
    Do this really mean that we have mercy to the life of other beings???

    This is just a food for thought.

  2. samdrup

    It looks so funny to say that our country is CHODHEN GYELKHAP. I think semchen tshether tshokpa is only available in our Western Side. We are contributing money to save animals life and in Eastern side officers are encouraging people to kill animals. Sector heads should come to attain Pel Dechok Khorlo wangchen ones so that they will know what it means.
    i don’t understand why BBS reporters are advertising such sinful things here. I think S/jonkhar is also in Bhutan and where the SEMCHEN TSHETHAR TSHOKPAs gone. Our Je Khenpo is always begging people to stop eating meat & his holiness is always doing best of his ability for our CHOEDHEN GYELKHAP. We are contributing money to save animals life and in Eastern side officers are encouraging people to kill animals. Sector heads should come to attain Pel Dechok Khorlo Dhumpi wangchen ones so that they will know what it means.I think those people had some grudge with our His holiness the Je Khenpo, may be they are differentiating Nyingmapas and Kayudpas. If not why eastern side is doing like as if they reach in India. I mean Jaigaon.

  3. No Stupid

    Few years ago BBS broadcasted scenes in Phuntsholing showing devotees/Bhutanese releasing hundreds of fish bought from across the border into Toorsa river. Now the BBS is showing the farmers in Langchenphug harvesting hundred of fish from their fish farm. While fish farming is beneficial economically to some section of society, it is also the responsibility of the BBS to show that Bhutanese in general loath fishing, hunting, butchering and killings.

  4. sangay

    Lets think of any other means but killings. I think we just cant go further by depending on taking lives of animals. so innocent beings. If possible this fish farming should be stopped once and for all. I think we wont starve by stopping this farming but how much difference will it make for those poor innocent fishes. Please lets not encouraged this la.

  5. yangsel

    In the olden days people in the villages used to rear pigs for home consumption and other purposes in very littke size. This was because though the country is a Buddhist country and her people being Buddhist by birth, the “Choe” or perception of the religion was not openly and vastly taught to the general public like these days. As such people did rear animals for consumption in small numbers but not like these days establishing fish farming, poultry farms and piggeries in almost all corners of the country for so called “self sufficient”. If we do closely check in the villages we can find no one rearing animal for consumption and more youths becoming vegetariens. The annual Chokus and rimdos in the villages being performed without meat consumption. This is because of the teachings of religion to general public from the period of His Holiness the 68th Jhe Khenpo in line and the vigorious teachings in process by His Holiness the present Jhe Khenpo. Now people are starting to understand health hazards due to meat eating.
    All lifes are precious. Live and let them live. Voice for the voiceless please!

  6. Hasola

    As suggested by all, i also think BBS should stop broadcasting fish farming. It might encourage people, to take up this business.

    • Hi Hasola,

      While i do appreciate your comments, will it not be fair on BBS part to broadcast such issues and at the same time, seek views of the general public on such business and demotivate them???

  7. nedup

    i respect all of you saying so but then i feel not reporting is not a solution, unless there is raising. More over buying fishes from india, its better to encourage farmers. It will not only help those farmers but will help a bit for country n small outflow of money can be prevented. Totally my view though…..:)

  8. karma

    Ugyen penjor, Samdrup, and most of the above commenter. As said by Nedup, i respect his opinion, rearing fish in bhutan and sealing within bhutan is economy. Those who say its sin for rearing fish maynot be the one 2 reach doji ngewa first, so lets pray they r not. Their is no argument of differenting Nigma and Khagyu, after all its ultimately the enlighting the same destination. To Samdrup you are still in old stone age, not knowing what is religion and fighting for nonsense. I respect every human eventhought he or she follows chirstain, muslim, hindu , buddhism, n so on but you are not. if you couldnot atleast appreciate what they follow religion control yourself and refraim from writing nonsence. Speaking frankly, i m buddism ( have rite 2 follow nigma or khagyapa). As per constitutional of bhutan every 1 has right for religion dat what we can follow. but its not like wat Samdrup we differenting between wat he say.

    • my comment is to the new reporter whoever it may be? m regular news reader from various sources and many times i come across very silly mistakes such spelling, tenses and structure. why it happened ? you are not lone who write and publish it? or is it just for the sake of requirement doing you have editors and friends working at par with. but yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mistakes? newspaper is a public resource and one cannot effort to make mistake.

  9. Lhakpa Phurpa

    Hi, thank you for your beautiful comments on this topic.

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