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Teenager on the verge of giving up hope without medical care

Dec 29, 2012

Teenager-without-medical-careAn 18-year-old boy from Wamling village in Zhemgang, who is severely ill, is on the verge of giving up hope to live. Leki Dorji hasn’t been able to access medical care. He has been suffering from severe stomach ache and has been vomiting blood for last couple of months. “I don’t think I will survive,” he says.

Leki Dorji could not meet the doctor in Zhemgang’s Basic Health Unit (BHU). The Health Assistant on duty then referred him to Yebilaptsa hospital.

Our reporter, Pema Samdrup says, since the boy has never been outside his village, he couldn’t muster enough courage to travel to Yabilaptsha. He also had no money.

A local contractor had agreed to help Leki Dorji and take him to Yebilaptsa hospital. Before they could travel to Yebilaptsa, they found out there is no doctor in that hospital too.

The Dzongkhag Health officer, Sangay Tenzin, said both the doctors in Zhemgang and Yebilaptsha are out of station for some official work. They will only be back next week.

Leki Dorji is now planning to go back to his village taking with him some medicine the BHU has provided.

Anybody wishing to help the boy can contact our reporter, Pema Samdrup, in Zhemgang at 17838254.


7 Comments for “Teenager on the verge of giving up hope without medical care”

  1. commonman

    somebody should take him to gelephu, now we receive news from zhwmgang which is neglected for long time..good job that bbs and sent some reporters there. please hep the poor boy.

  2. Puru

    It is not quite right to always blame the health facilities. What I think is the boy should have followed the HA S ADVICE and travelled to yebilaptsa. Am sure they would have arranged a referral to Gelephu. Please tell the boy to proceed to yebilaptsa instead of going home.

    It’s acceptable that doctors are away sometimes for genuine reasons.

  3. We The People

    Its human tendency. I dont blame anyone. Its everybodys fault. In order to admit him to Gelephu Hospital, will it cost ten thousand? Thats a big question. The BBS reporter is asking for help. Quite funny. before he could collect donations, what if that poor boy dies? Why cant that reporter atleast send him to Gelephu hospital? That wont cost him one thousand ngultrum I think. But I am not blaming that Reporter. Its human nature. Everyone never thinks of helping by ourself. Everyone tries to act philanthropist by asking for donations.

  4. good….until and unless some one is in better position, people will help. but is if some one is so poor, even the relatives do not bother, because that person can’t reward or bring any benifits after his help. if i am Dasho, everybody is there to say he is my brother, sister, uncle and what not. so when there is fund raising for animals life saving, i ope there must be fund for human. bt for the needy people only.

  5. Dorji

    where is the mp gone..he should help this poor and disadvantaged boy…..

  6. Khenpa

    Thanks to BBS reporter for bringing such issue. We appreciate you very much and all Khengpas know what you’re doing and changing living scenario of Zhemgangpas.
    There are more similar cases that need to be addressed through such powerful media.
    Thanks to BBS!

  7. naku

    This is the scenario of poor Bhutanese suffering in silence…..

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