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Case to be filed against alleged molester in Bangalore

Dec 28, 2012

(Update): Two Bhutanese women, who were allegedly molested and man-handled in Bangalore, are going to lodge a formal complaint with the police at K.R Puram.

The case filed will be  against the bus conductor and the driver, who supposedly molested the young junior executive working in a real estate and man-handled her older sister, also the employee of the same firm.

The incident happened Wednesday Morning near Tin Factory in K.R Puram.

They had filed a statement with Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation earlier today. However, they were refused any information on the status of the two involved, saying the case the in under investigation.

Meanwhile, the Royal  Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi have asked for a report from the two Bhutanese women.  The embassy said they will look into the matter after they get hold of the report. “If they need help, they can always contact us at the embassy,” said one of the officials at the Royal Bhutanese Embassy.

8 Comments for “Case to be filed against alleged molester in Bangalore”

  1. India is on raping rampant…. wish to send my daughter to India for studies now i am wondering if there be other safer destination.

  2. Embassy in abroad represents their own nation and help the their citizen living in abroad with safe. . Embassy official presence would give the girls to get the justice with more confident. Embassy are to help the citizen when its in difficult time and what is use of ambassy if their remarks is “If they need help, they can always contact us at the embassy,” said one of the officials at the Royal Bhutanese Embassy.”

    we would be glad if embassy officials in Delhi could visit Banglore and join the two victim to get the justice rather than talking over phone. Embassy in Delhi are like parents to Bhutanese living in India, your presence is highly appreciated in times of such difficult situation.

    Hope Bhutanese two lady wil get the victim and embassy offical will visit Delhi to support this two lady.


  3. The above comments has some error in typing. My whole point is to get justice for two lady who was molested by Bus driver and conductor. Embassy In Delhi represents Bhutan and they should support two lady with their presence in Banglore. I would suggest them to visit Banglore and support two lady rather than giving remarks”If they need help, they can always contact us at the embassy,” said one of the officials at the Royal Bhutanese Embassy. Two lady really needs your help and if i am in their place, i would feel confident if Embassy official visit Banglore and give moral support.

    The way embassy remarks seems like father and mother advicing their kids over the phone in difficult time. .

    Dear embassy sir and madam,

    don’t ask what kind of help they need from you, ask what you can do for the two victim who was suffering in other land. ..

    Hope two victim will get justice .

    • Robika bansali

      Hope the concern authority will not neglect the issue. They should not be waiting for someone to push up the case. in fact it is the responsibility of the Bhutanese Embassy to ensure that the Bhutanese citizen are safe and sound in the foreign land.

  4. India is the safest and free country in the world, some unexpected incident will always happen in this world, because of the mental ill people. always avoid from them.

  5. sangay rinchen

    Jigs is right about our embassy’s role in such circumstances. Everyone knows how lethargic the Indian judicial system is and the conviction rate being abysmally low is no great confidence booster. I pray and hope our dear officials in Bhutan Embassy take a pro-active role so that our sisters get some justice. And in the process, let others know that our Bhutanese women are not some weak playthings and that they have no brothers to protect their honour !

  6. tshering tashi

    I hope official in Embassy will not go to sleep and case get lost some where with time passes by, we are waiting to hear prompt and positive respond from concern officials.

  7. tshangay

    where are the Bhutan embassy personnel? should we fold hands and just watch when our sisters are undergoing tremendous pain and pressure.

    is there no law in india? should the molester be scotfree. i think its high time that the government join hands and punish those convicted.

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