Gakidling community fear for safety following abduction cases

Security-GakidlingGewogA sense of fear has crept in among the people of Gakidling Gewog in the wake of the recent abduction cases in Sarpang. Every evening, as dusk creeps in, they start to move to other villages nearby to spend the night. They return to Gakidling the next day to begin their daily work.

Chador, 65, who was the real target of the abduction, said he does not feel safe anymore, not even at his home. “I cannot continue to live like this,” he said.

To assure people their safety, the Deputy Chief of Bodoland Territory Council, Khampa Borgoyari visited the gewog yesterday.

Chador appealed to the Deputy Chief to arrest the criminals and ensure them security. “Otherwise we cannot stay in this place, we are scared,” he said.

The Deputy Chief asked the villagers not to leave their village. “Whatever has been done by the people of our territory, we will take legal actions against them.”

Asked if the ransom paid by the victims will be refunded, Kampa Borgoyari said, they have not discussed the matter. “But we will look into it.”

Meanwhile, five people have been arrested in connection with the abduction of Dorjila. Of the arrested, three are of Indian origin. They will be charged in Bhutan’s court of law.


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