Custom officials confiscate liquor for which imports are prohibited

LiquorConfiscatedThe Regional Revenue and Customs office in Phuentsholing confiscated over 1,300 bottles of beer, breezer, and energy drink, 44 beer cases, 75 beer cans and 21 other beer cartons.

This is an outcome of a raid carried out in 43 hotels, bars and liquor shops in the core town area on December 12.  About 26  business set-ups were found in possession of liquor for which imports were banned since April this year.

According to Customs officials, the remaining 17 hotels, bars and restaurants had banned wine like Santa Barbara and Figuera. However, their cases were considered because they had bought the wine from two wholesale dealers in Phuentsholing who have been accorded by the Department of Trade for such import.

However, as per a recommendation made by Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hereafter if the two dealers fail to bring in consignments within three months after the issue of permit, they will not be allowed to extend the duration of  permit, unlike before.



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