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Prompt action saves a house from being gutted

Dec 28, 2012

HouseFire-BCCIA government cottage below Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s office caught fire at around 9:30 am today. The residents were out of the house when the incident happened.

According to a police officer, Ugyen Wangdi, the fire could have been caused by short circuit.HouseFire-BCCI.

Prompt action by the firefighting team including police and Dessups saved the house from being gutted. The team was able to contain the fire in about 45 minutes.

Only the kitchen has been damaged.

2 Comments for “Prompt action saves a house from being gutted”

  1. snowman

    every time there is a house on fire… the reason is short circuit… come on BPC… do something with it and come up with a better solution…
    What is this… ??? BPC.. lighting a house alone is not enough… come up with better ways where such thing doesn’t occur.. impose every house hold to come up with better wiring solutions..

    Thanks to fire fighting team…

  2. Sangay

    What kind of story is BBS running? It doesn’t say anything about the place and that is the quality of journalism – to makes us to question ourself. This tells me lot about the view or window BBS looks through. They see and think Thimphu as their only client. Cheers to BBS!

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