Bhutanese woman allegedly molested in Bangalore

BhutaneseMolestedA 23-year-old Bhutanese woman working in real estate as a junior executive was allegedly molested, and her older sister, a civil engineer in the same firm, man-handled, by a bus conductor and a driver in Bangalore, Wednesday morning.

Speaking to BBS today, the older sister said, they had taken a Volvo bus to work when the incident happened. She said the conductor misbehaved with them while issuing bus tickets. She said they were told to get out of the bus even after they had paid for the tickets.

They got down at the Tin factory near K.R Puram and started walking hoping to take an auto, but the conductor and the driver followed them. She said they then dragged her sister and took her inside the bus, closed the door, and molested her sister then. The bus had also started moving by then.

The older sister ran and stood in front of the bus and managed to stop them.

The two sisters had approached two traffic police nearby for help, but were asked to put up a complaint to the police station and not to them.

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BBS got in touch with three police stations in K.R Puram. One of the inspectors, Vasudev, said the women did not file any complaint in any of the police stations in K. R Puram.

The older sister had called the toll free number 100, and had complained about the harassment but had not filed an FIR as they believed that it involved the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and its treatment of passengers, especially, women.  She said lodging one more complaint would have made their first complaint redundant.

The police have not taken any action in spite of the women submitting the bus number of the accused.

The older sister also said that if BMTC’s ongoing investigation does not result in satisfactory action, they will lodge a formal complaint with the Police.

Both women have been on leave from work since Wednesday and will not be returning until Monday as they remain shaken by the incident.


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