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BTC Deputy Chief apologies to Bhutanese people

Dec 27, 2012

BTC’s Deputy Chief Kampa Borgoyari listens to a villager from Sarpang

(Update): The Deputy Chief of Bodoland Territory Council (BTC), Kampa Borgoyari, visited Gakiling Gewog today in connection with the two abduction cases that happened in Sarpang Dzongkhag in the past two months.

He said the incidents that happened were unfortunate and apologised to the Bhutanese people and the government on behalf of the BTC for the mistake made by his people.

He met with the villagers and assured them that all the miscreants involved will be arrested and dealt accordingly.

The first abduction case of a taxi driver was reported in October, when the driver went missing from Dekiling in Gelephu. After 18 days, he was released after a ransom was paid.

The second case was reported in November when a 60-year-man was abducted at a gunpoint in Gakidling.  He was released on December 6 after paying a ransom.

5 Comments for “BTC Deputy Chief apologies to Bhutanese people”

  1. jim

    Apology is not enough.
    Ensure that Bodoland people are brothers and sisters.

  2. I don’t think that apologizing not enough for that. it not for the first time
    or for the second time, it has been so many times happen and therefore
    it required to take serious action to those who are in that particular case
    according to the law. So make sure that Cheif must be careful about that
    and take care of their people

  3. System

    Its a nightmare not only to the victims but to us also as a Bhutanese. Those responsible must be strictly dealt and must be brought to justice. Nothing wrong has been committed by the victims.

  4. No Stupid

    Bhutanese living in the east and south eastern regions of Bhutan n had close commercial and social relations with Bodo people of Assam for centuries, before the situation took a complete opposite direction due to misunderstanding created by the militants, not long ago. The fact that the Deputy Chief of Bodoland Territory Council (BTC), Kampa Borgoyari visiting Gakiling Gewog to convey Bodo people’s solidarity against abduction cases is a positive step moving towards normalizing friendly relations of old times again. We should accept Mr. Borgoyari’s apology and work hand in hand to bring happiness to all our peoples.


  5. Dada

    The Dy. Chief need to make his people understand that they have to live bhutanese people across the border. Peace and security is must for the mutual welfare of the people on both side of the border. the criminals should think for how long they are going live robbing others. they have no sense of humanity. Robbed property will be robbed away in one way or the other. I hope our neighbour across the border will learn to live amicably. Symbiotic relationship is a must.

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