Bumthang’s Wangdichholing palace to be developed as a museum

WangdichholingPalace-MusuemWangdichholing palace in Bumthang will be developed as a museum once the Department of Culture secures adequate funds from various sources. Till date, Bhutan Foundation, a US based Civil Society Organization, in Bhutan has contributed some amount.

At present, the Department of Culture is documenting the size of internal and external structure of the Wangdichholing palace. Since the palace was built some centuries ago, the Department of Culture has classified the palace as a Royal Heritage.

The palace will be developed and promoted as a museum after it is renovated. The Department of Culture  says the palace will be renovated without compromising its original architectural design.

The Department is also exploring various ideas to develop the palace into a fine museum. One of the ideas is to have spacious conference hall where historians from abroad can deliver talks.

Wangdichholing Palace is located a kilometre away from Chamkhar towards kurje. It was built by Jigme Namgyal.

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