Who should be responsible for Children Parks’ safety?

CentenaryPark-2-yr-oldDieIn a recent incident, a two-year-old toddler died from the injuries he sustained after the iron gate of the Centenary Children’s Park in Thimphu fell on him. The tragic incident has shocked and angered many people. They are now questioning the safety of children’s park.

“The incident was very unfortunate. I think it is the responsibility of parents to look after children but at the same time it is also the responsibility of the government to frequently inspect the infrastructure,” said Drukey Wangmo, a parent in Thimphu.

Many people also took to twitter and facebook questioning who should be held responsible.


We do need some officers who would be dedicated to look after the Parks, take care of the maintenance so that the safety of the children is insured…”

Kinlay Dorjee
Thimphu Thrompon


“Really depressing. Accountability, dignity, honour becoming unknown words,” read one of the tweets.

Another tweet read death is an unacceptable price for someone else’s mistake.  The tweet goes on to say Thromde and other concerned offices have some answering to do. “Time we began seeking accountability seriously.”

The Thimphu Thrompon, Kinlay Dorjee said instead of asking who is responsible for such incident, everyone must take equal responsibility when it comes to using public facilities.

“I happen to see the parents of the boy who died and they also didn’t know how exactly this happened.  See, this is the problem with some children trying to make the place unsafe for some children, so therefore it’s the responsibility of each own one…”

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But he goes on to say that Thimphu Thromde’s sympathy is with the parents for the loss. “It is very unfortunate event. We never expected such a thing would happen in the park. Hence we definitely take this as lesson learned that similar thing should not happen in the future.”

He said they have already discussed among them that the gate should be made more stable and that they should have a mechanism in place which will stop the gate beyond some point.

The roller iron gate at the Centenary Park which had come out of alignment had hit the toddler on his head.

One of the eye witnesses told BBS that the roller iron gate, accidentally pushed by some kids playing at the park, fell and injured the toddler. The toddler was passing the gate with his babysitter.

The little boy was then immediately taken to Hospital. The doctor, who examined the toddler, said he was brought unconscious in the emergency unit.

The child succumbed to head injuries the next day.



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