Those involved in offence against National Heritage still on the loose

13ElephantTusks+RhinoHorn_Stolen+6LhakhangsA total of 13 elephant tusks and a rhino horn were stolen from six Lhakhangs across the country since August this year.  A police record shows a total of 91 offences against the cultural and national heritage last year alone. This year a total of 13 such cases have been reported.

The recent robbery took place at Ugen Tsemo Lhakhang above Taktshang Monastery in Paro. Two pairs of elephant tusks were stolen on Thursday night. Police say the burglars entered into the Lhakhang by removing the steel window grill. They left behind a knife and a car wheel wrench which was apparently used by the burglars to break in.

A rhino horn and a pair of elephant tusks were also stolen from Yami Goenpa in Punakha recently. While in November, a pair of elephant tusks from Pugmola Lhakhang in Thimphu and one elephant tusk from Masipokto Lhakhang in Wangdue was stolen.

In the month of September Shoba Lhakhang in Wangdue lost a pair of elephant tusks. In August, Pangkha Goenpa also in Wangdue lost a pair of elephant tusk.

All the Lhakhangs are located in isolated places. As of now none of the miscreants have been caught and the cases are still under investigation.

According to the police, the delay to report such crime and porous border make nabbing those involved difficult.

The Crime and Operations Branch of police has announced a reward of Nu.100, 000 to those who give information about the cases.


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