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Community action pilot project on alcohol successful: Local Leaders

Dec 22, 2012

AlcoholSymposiumThe community action pilot project on alcohol has helped reduced the use of alcohol drastically, according to the health officials and local leaders of Monggar and Lhuentse. The pilot project was introduced in these two districts in 2010.

In the ongoing national symposium on building partnership in reducing harmful use of alcohol in Paro, the officials said the pilot project has hlped curb the practice of brewing alcohol at home to a large extent.

Following the success of the pilot project, the Director General of Department of Public Health, Dorji Wangchuk, said they are planning to start such kind of community pilot project in other Dzongkhags too.

Meanwhile, the three day national symposium will see discussions on medical problems related to alcohol consumption.

The participants will also discuss the enforcement of national alcohol policies, current practices, issues and challenges among others.

The three day symposium is being organized by Health Ministry with funds from the World Health Organisation.




2 Comments for “Community action pilot project on alcohol successful: Local Leaders”

  1. Thabshay Neykap

    It would be grateful that the Bar shop is disallowed in the hotels of High ways as most of the drivers drink and drive as ALCOHOL is freely available in the hotels of High Ways.

    This comments is to save both our Drivers and Passengers dying in vehicular accidents due to Drink-driving. Lets help to save all. Thanks.

  2. Ngedhen Thongwa

    I have seen with my own two eyes the following affect of causes due to ALCOHOL:
    1. My friend lost job & wife is to feed him by weaving & he is still loitering and idle and roams in bazaar and seen always drunk.
    2. My inlaws got divorced as he beats without reasons due to Alcohol & now remarried another wife after forgetting 1st wifes children,
    3. Three known people died young due to heavy drinking habits and wifes and children are struggling their lives to pull on.,

    But, I could not help them as I am alone and they are more in numbers.

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