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Three die in accident

Dec 21, 2012

AccidentMOnggarThree people died in an accident in Monggar. A five-year-old girl child died on the spot while the one-month-old girl child died on the way to the hospital. The driver, who was referred to Guwahati Hospital, succumbed to severe head injuries this morning.

The accident happened yesterday at about a kilometer away from the Kengkhar Gewog Centre. The vehicle went off the road and fell about 100 metres below.

Meanwhile, two other passengers are still undergoing treatment at Monggar Regional referral Hospital. The doctors say they are in stable condition.

5 Comments for “Three die in accident”

  1. drukpa

    what is the cause of accident?

  2. Tito

    Better question is why were the kids not wearing seat belts. It amazes me to see all the loving Bhutanese parents out there willing to drive and not have their kids wear seat belts. Boggles my mind. Seat belts do save lives….

  3. Dekrang Matsug

    It is very sad to observe that many of fellow-citizens are being killed by vehicular accidents sometimes leading to deaths of whole family members traveling together. The reasons of accidents are not clearly known to us. Is there any measures to minimize such accidents which we even do not like to hear. We love and care our fellow citizens. So lets learn how to save ourselves cautiously:
    Lets stop driving without license, lets stop over-speeding, lets stop drunk-driving, lets maintain our vehicles from time to time and always keep fit for road worthiness AND lets save our lives.

  4. singye

    and lets construct good roads and maintain it properly!

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