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Missing officiating Principal returns home

Dec 21, 2012

OftPrincipalMissing-Chendebji-trongsa(Update): The officiating Principal of Chendebji Primary School in Trongsa, who went missing on December 18, returned home yesterday. Ugyen Jamtsho came back on his own and was seen knocking the door of his house at around 8:30 pm. Though unhurt, the man doesn’t seem to remember anything according to the Dzongkhag Education Officer.

On December 18, the man supposedly Punakha bound from Trongsa went missing. His neighbours thought he had returned when they heard a phone ring in Ugyen’s room continuously. When nobody answered, they went to check and found the door locked from outside. The cloths, Ugyen Jamtsho, was wearing that day was on his bed along with his cell phone. Even his car was parked outside.

The neighbours called his wife and found out that Ugyen never made it to Punakha that day.

After waiting for couple of hours, a search team of about 40 people went out to look for him.

4 Comments for “Missing officiating Principal returns home”

  1. huh, its very funny nothing to write on news. missing for 1 day they put on news .he might have some reason to go some where that is funny.

    • taxin

      hi Sangay
      i am sorry for you not being able to go indepth of the news and yet commenting the senseless opnions. How dare you say he might be going somewhere despite large number of search team right from trongsa dzongdag to locality employed for last three days..This is serious but your commenting is too funny….

  2. lapgonomay

    so sad without base.

  3. lapgonomay

    might have gone to meet his girlfriend

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