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A new town in Buli needs research and time: PM

Nov 29, 2012

The Prime Minister during his recent visit to Zhemgang said coming up with a new town at Buli in Zhemgang cannot be done at once. Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y.Thinley said it needs research and time. But Buli does need a town, he added.

Buli is located about 60 Kilometres away from Zhemgang town with the settlement is on a small hill top. But the village has almost all the basic amenities like school, health, and electricity among others.

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There are about 10 shops in Buli but the shops rest on leased land. “Having a small town will solve the problem,” said one of villagers of Buli, Rinchen Dakpa.

People from other places like Shingkhar, Bardo and Nangkhor come to Buli for shopping.

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  1. Loney

    Research and time for what? Research to see whether Lyonchen can make a personal deal out of it or not and time enough to place his cronies like Jigme Tsheltrim in Zhemgang to make a listen kill?

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