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Why documentary films?

Nov 28, 2012

Documentary films are considered an important tool in preserving culture, tradition and lifestyle. But, not many Bhutanese film producers are keen on producing documentary films.

To promote documentary films, according to the Institute of Language and Cultural Studies’  Director, Lungten Gyatsho, is one way to tackle the rapidly changing culture and identity.

“There is a tremendous outflow of influences from outside and when we are exposed to external information we tend to see less of ourselves, our vision of Bhutan seems to disappear…” said the director. He said promoting documentary films in the country can capture the tangible aspects and also increase the local media content.

He added producing a documentary film is just more than entertainment.

To promote and establish more documentary films, a symposium on the art and economy of documentary film began in the capital today.

“Documentary films are creative and disclosure of actuality backed up by research. It talks about real person, problems and solutions,” said Lungten Gyatsho.

The symposium was inaugurated by the minister of information and communications, Nandalal Rai.

The symposium was facilitated by professionals from France.

A film distributor and a producer, Sandrine Frantz, said Bhutan has so much to show and is capable of capturing international market.

“What is important is to produce and distribute documentary worldwide. We have to find a thematic which will be of interest worldwide or universal interest. This can be something like discovery of a country, wildlife, history and culture. But it has to be for everyone,” she said.

The symposium was attended by people from film industry, media and from other relevant agencies. It was organised by the Institute of Language and Cultural Studies, Department of Information and media and the Motion Picture Association of Bhutan.


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  1. G-me

    documentary film festival or award only for documentary film could boost up the production.
    just an opinion

  2. ataa kinley

    ya i also c, bhutan has large potential to capture world market in terms of documentation… come on drukpas..

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