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Beehives to the rescue

Nov 26, 2012

As baffling as it may sound, people of Samrang Gewog under Samdrup Jongkhar will be distributed honeycomb along with electric fences as an intervention to human-wildlife conflict.

Samrang Gewog loses a huge chunk of their crops, mostly paddy, to wild animals every year. As a measure, Samrang Gewog will have electric fencing with beehives positioned at various points of the fencing. This is a double measure to keep the elephants away. Elephants are known to avoid bees.

According to Samrang Gup, Mon Bahadur Gurung, the beehives will also help farmers generate income.

The Wildlife Conservation Division and the Global Environment Facility project are providing farmers with electric fencing and honeycomb. Installation works will start in about two months.


2 Comments for “Beehives to the rescue”

  1. anaatakota

    Really a great initiatives…that is how we have to find means and ways for needy people as there is always solution for every problem…thank you on behalf of that community…

  2. Lakeman

    Good initiative. Such practices r being practised in other countrie. We can adapt them n use them here. Often no need to research again n re-invent the wheel.

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