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Mangdechhu Project- a boon or a curse for Trongsa town?

Surjaman Thapa
Nov 20, 2012

A few years back, Trongsa town wore a forlorn look. There were lesser people and even less vehicles in the town. But the upcoming Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project is changing all that and more.

Karma Letho, 60, a resident has seen the town grow over the years. He reminisces his childhood, the days he spent so close to nature. “We never felt we lacked anything,” he says.

As days changed into months and months into years, Karma Letho says the town started expanding. He says there are so many activities taking place in the town these days that sometimes he even has trouble to come to terms with it.

The flurry of activities in Trongsa is brought about by Mangechhu Hydroelectric Project.

Before the project came, Karma Letho says most of the houses remained empty. “But now houses in places as far as Langthel and Drakten have tenants.” He said even small houses earn about Nu.3000-4000 as rent per month.

On one hand, the project has brought tenants for the landlord, but on the other hand, people drifting to Trongsa town are finding it difficult to find a flat to rent. They say the rents have skyrocketed. The flats in the existing building are already filled and the ones coming up are pre-booked, they say.

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Pemba Rinchen, 30, had set up an entertainment center in the town but had to move it to other place after the rent was revised.

Another resident, Ash Man, who owns an electronic shop, had to build a temporary house after he received a notice to vacate or either pay the revised rent.

They also say finding a parking space is next to impossible. “Each time you go to town, you have to make several rounds around the town to find a space to park. Most of the parking spaces are occupied by vehicles belonging to Mangdechhu project,” says one of the residents.

The upcoming parking space located about a kilometer away from the town is expected to address the parking problem.

Other problem the town is facing is the overcrowded hospital. Dr Tashi Wangchuk of Trongsa hospital said they have to increase 50 percent of staff to give a quality medical care to the people.

On the positive side, vegetable vendors, hoteliers and shopkeepers are doing a brisk business.

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  1. Kharka Thimphu

    By anyhow they are the benefitters la……i mean residents of Trongsa….actually u all should be happy la………rather espect more developement around ur town….

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