Sports enthusiasts in Trashi Yangtse demand more public sports facilities

The lack of enough public sports facilities in Trashi Yangtse has left sports enthusiasts crying out for such facilities in the district. The district has a public archery range and a few private futsal grounds. However, there are no public football grounds, volleyball courts and indoor games facilities. With the district administration planning to construct the facilities in the 13th Five-Year Plan, the problems are expected to be solved.

Sports enthusiasts have to go to any of the nearby schools to play outdoor and indoor games currently. There is a private futsal ground at Doksum and another above the College of Zorig Chusum. The one at Doksum is quite far from the main town while the one above the College of Zorig Chusum remains mostly occupied.

“Due to the lack of adequate sports facilities for the public, we have to request the schools whenever we have matches but when schools have their own programmes, we cannot play. This discourages us from playing sports,” said Gembo Dorji, a resident of Yangtse Gewog.

“We do not have a football ground here and when we have to organise tournaments, we have to request the school administrations. We have to cancel our plan if it collides with the school programmes,” said Sonam Chophel, also a resident of Yangtse Gewog.

While the district has a sports association, it has yet to be affiliated with the Bhutan Olympic Committee.

Secretary General of Trashi Yangtse Sports Association, Cheda Jamtsho said, “We are working on constructing the facilities like in any other district. In the 13th Five Year Plan, we have a plan to construct a football ground with artificial turf after affiliating the association with the Bhutan Olympic Committee.”

Currently, Trashi Yangtse Primary School and Baylling Central School are providing sports facilities for the public given that the sports event does not affect the schools and the students. This is expected to continue until new facilities are developed and completed.

Ngawang Tenzin, Trashi Yangtse

Edited by Kipchu

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