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Pedestrian Day on first Sunday of every month

Nov 13, 2012

The cabinet has decided that the Pedestrian Day will be observed only once a month. According to a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office, beginning December 2, 2012, first Sunday of every month will be observed as the Pedestrian Day.

However, the rule comes into immediate effect, which means the two remaining Tuesdays of this month will not be observed as Pedestrian Days.

The decision was taken during the 146th cabinet meeting held today. The press release says the decision was taken in close consultation with the people and having taken the views of the general public.

The cabinet has decided that Pedestrian Day shall be observed as a day free of all vehicular traffic except for public buses, which shall ply on regular routes, vehicles for emergency purposes, vehicles for essential services and Tourists vehicles. Taxis, however, will no longer be allowed to move on Pedestrain Day.

The World Environment Day on June 5 will also be observed as Pedestrian Day.

26 Comments for “Pedestrian Day on first Sunday of every month”

  1. maxi

    What about taxis on Sunday?

  2. Get No Happiness (GNH)

    This is another blunder mistake, if dpt can bend to this they can bend to another fall, no pedestrian day… this is totally waste of time and money…. the ministers make blunder mistakes in meeting order lunch, tea, OT for security, drivers, and then again sit for meeting to amend it and order lunch, tea, OT for security, drivers, etc.

    Lets see how deep grave they dig

    • KunzangD

      No please do not say like that…, your saying just from your point but think of others, i mean from majority side, yes ofcourse they made mistake earlier by making pedestrian day every Tuesday but now they learnt through their mistakes and taken wise steps which would benefit and help people a lot, these would eventually benefit the country’s economic development.

  3. choki

    Now they are undoing everything… Good! It is how leaders must work. But next time they should be more serious about their decision. Every minister should be involved. Had they involved all the ministers and taken their view seriously, i don’t think this day would have come. I don’t think 10 highly experienced ministers will this sort of mistake. I think it was decided by one person. If DPT undo many of their mistakes without denying it, history will repeat again. But they have to prove to the citizen that they are not as stiff as before. Shed some egos too. All the best for coming election.

  4. Phuntsho Tshering

    This we should say that it is one of the wise decision taken by our present government..
    It justifies… Hey now public.. no more complains..

    DPT… So nice.. because no vehicle on every tuesday hampered a lot…

    So great!!

  5. nogu

    good news..thank u DPT.

  6. D_Observer

    I wonder who all were there in the meeting when they first planned to impose ‘Pedestrian Day’..without taking the view of the people.

    The present Govt. are making a mockery of themselves by showcasing such flaws.

    I Hope they do it well next time. It makes Bhutan Govt. look stupid in the eyes of other countries.

    Please “Plan and Build…NOT Build and Plan”..

  7. wangchuk


  8. KunzangD

    Hearing this news i was so happy…, i was indeed dying to hear this decision taking place. thank you cabinet ministers.

    i am sure you have taken a wise step, which otherwise would have taken long time back before.., we understand everyone makes some mistakes but to overcome through mistakes and stepping into right path is one of the brilliant wise man.., you have done it.

    congrats, thank you. long live DPT.

  9. Dorji Dukpa

    It may be almost un-achieveable to have a decision that is to the liking of everybody. But I know that there are so many who really appreciated the pedestrian day on every Tuesday. Unfortunately the benefits could not be realized upfront.

  10. Hahahaha…. This Ped day has become the biggest joke out of DPT govt…..

  11. Lhakpa Phurpa

    Now, it is much better and sensible enough. It makes sense as well as benefits from both environment point of view, health, businesses, wholistic approach and symbolic observation for the lasting and accepting values of such great days.

  12. chimi

    its not the best solution DPT has done regarding Pedestrian day because many people will be traveling to and fro from Thimphu on Sundays for selling their farm products. Its again a disastrous decision taken by DPT. Many innocent farmers will be affected although its once a month. SHAME on present government’s decision because they are experimenting a lot to favor few people and please rest of the world.

  13. tshangay

    this is what i call a productive meeting, coming to conclusion that is benefitting everyone at the end of the day. i applaud everyone involved in the cabinet meeting.

    let us save the mother nature in nuturing us effectively.

  14. Drukpa

    The decision have been made in haste. If the “Pedestrian Day” had been left as it was we would have bigger fruition in the long run.

  15. The Messenger

    It is a shame on part of the Business Community and the so call illiterate to ask the govt for roll back on Ped Day… and it is saddening thing to see …

  16. Well it’s good to know as well as sad with the public that they were not able to understand the benefits of pedestrian day and what government was trying to do in order to save this beautiful mother nature.
    I hope that the public will now no longer complain about this p-day again ever..i mean ever….Please don’t make our government look bad in front of the other countries..respect them i mean,.they make mistakes ,even we do….why cant they., after all they’re all human beings..we being a Buddhist should be able to forgive them.. Cheers….

  17. phochu drukpa

    yet again they have taken a blunder decision. they never thought of the villagers who wud be going for sunday market. how are they going to take their stuff to the market. does that mean they have to do as in past. better no pedestrain day at all or if really needed, one of the week days wud be suitable.

  18. Totally fedup of seeing changes in many rules and regulations, uff..

  19. Tshering Pem

    Hmmm… Lyonchen has kick-started his scheme of things for the next election. The next process, I am sure is the long-awaited salary hike.

  20. jigten

    I congratulate DPT for their decision and i am sure Dpt will win 2013 election becos we find DPT the best. Let competitor’s compete you all for their ego satisfactions.
    Long Live DPT

  21. pem

    DPT is the biggest joke. Buses have been bought, money have been made, ped day moved to first Sunday of every month, wont be shocked if its canceled all in all. after all they made what they wanted to make when they started the ped day.

  22. why don’t Govt. do some research before making any decision? i find the biggest weakness of Govt or any organization of Bhutan is that they just call on meeting and make a blunt decision, that also saying with immediate effect. i feel its high time that cabinet should ve research back up before putting heads together to make final call. its just my an opinion.

  23. Shame on Bhutanes people for their selfishness…..

  24. Ah!!! only God knows what will be the future of Bhutan…?? Every one except few .. don’t bother of thinking broadly ..when govt started Pedestrian day..all started to complain stating their personal problem…n all…did any 1 think for a while how vastly do pe day would have +ve impact on environment or to world …Come on Bhutan..think +ve


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