Pedestrian Day on first Sunday of every month

The cabinet has decided that the Pedestrian Day will be observed only once a month. According to a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office, beginning December 2, 2012, first Sunday of every month will be observed as the Pedestrian Day.

However, the rule comes into immediate effect, which means the two remaining Tuesdays of this month will not be observed as Pedestrian Days.

The decision was taken during the 146th cabinet meeting held today. The press release says the decision was taken in close consultation with the people and having taken the views of the general public.

The cabinet has decided that Pedestrian Day shall be observed as a day free of all vehicular traffic except for public buses, which shall ply on regular routes, vehicles for emergency purposes, vehicles for essential services and Tourists vehicles. Taxis, however, will no longer be allowed to move on Pedestrain Day.

The World Environment Day on June 5 will also be observed as Pedestrian Day.

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