Intelligence-led policing to curb increasing crime rates in Gelephu

In Sarpang, Gelephu Thromde is seeing an increasing incidence of crimes. Substance abuse, battery, and domestic violence cases are the most common recorded crimes in the Thromde. The recently launched intelligence-led policing model database system is expected to curb and prevent the rising crime rate.

According to reports from the Gelephu police station, the highest number of crimes are reported from Namkhaling, followed by Tashiling and Sonamgatshel Demkhong. Gelephu has six demkhongs.

The Gelephu police station recorded 71 cases from Namkhaling Demkhong alone between January and to date.

The Superintendent of Gelephu Police Station Lieutenant Colonel Chogyal Drukpa said the intelligent-led policing will help in studying and analyzing crime trends, as well as in collaborating with local partners to curb crime to make Gelephu a safe and harmonious city.

He added the system is being implemented in Gelephu following a successful pilot initiative in Thimphu and Paro as an alternative to the traditional policing model.

Under the intelligence-led policing service, there will be a bike escort, mountain bike escort, and a Quick Reaction Team.

Lieutenant Colonel Chogyal Drukpa said, “The purpose of introducing the bike escorts is to prevent accidents from happening in the Gelephu town area, where there is a higher population density and higher traffic density. Commuters were not appropriately using the existing pedestrian crossings. We will provide public awareness on the use of pedestrian crossings. After a month, anyone violating traffic law, be it drivers or the general public, will be fined. To monitor the occurrence of crimes, mountain bikes will be placed in the six demkhongs of Gelephu Thromde. The QRT team, which in the past was passive deployment, will now start active deployment. Previously, the QRT would wait for complaints at their office station. With intelligence-led policing service, they will be deployed in high crime rate areas and prepare to respond quickly to any crime.”

Crime prevention measures under intelligence-led policing include property care and safety squad which focus on public awareness and advocacy, use of crime prevention tools and equipment like installing CCTV and burglary alarms in homes, amongst others. The police will also implement stop-and-frisk procedures, especially for those loitering at night to curb the crime rates in Gelephu and Sarpang.

Karma Wangdi, Gelephu

Edited by Phub Gyem

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