Fully operational EV charging station benefits EV taxi drivers in Sarpang

Sarpang’s only electric vehicle charging station is now fully operational, providing much-needed relief to EV taxi drivers. Prior to the station’s opening, drivers had to charge their vehicles at home, which would take several hours. The charging station has been in operation since the end of March and has been well-utilized by cab drivers and other EV owners.

The EV charging station is located along the Gelephu-Sarpang highway near the Army Welfare Project.

The charging station can charge two vehicles at a time. One is a fast charger while the other is a slow charging machine.

EV taxi drivers said having such a station has helped them as they can cater service to the passengers whenever required. They said it takes about 45 minutes when they use the fast charger.

They added that earlier, they had to charge at home which takes at least eight hours.

“We had to charge at home in the past as there wasn’t a charging station. We had a difficult time. Now we have a fast charging station and it is benefitting us,” said Tenzin Drakpa, an EV taxi driver.

“We had a difficult time during emergencies. It took eight hours to charge the vehicles. But now, the fast charger can charge it in about 45 minutes. If we come across passengers, we make use of the fast charger and travel. It has benefitted us,” said Guru Tshering, an EV taxi driver.

The construction of the charging station began last year.

Sarpang has around 12 EV taxis. The EV project is part of the Bhutan Sustainable Low Emission Urban Transport System.

Karma Wangdi

Edited by Tshering Zam

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