Samtse’s Namgyalchhoeling residents unhappy with recent GC road blacktopping

In Samtse, the residents of Namgyalchhoeling Gewog have voiced their worries regarding the recent blacktopping of their four-kilometre gewog centre road. The road is already showing signs of deterioration. Originally constructed in early 2017, the road underwent improvements earlier this year. However, merely months after its completion, residents are disheartened to witness the new surface erode, resulting in the formation of potholes.

This road was intended to connect over 650 households in Namgyalchhoeling Gewog to the rest of the Samtse district.

Earlier this year, the gewog administration took on the task of improving the road’s conditions by blacktopping the previously narrow and uneven GC road.

A few months following the completion of these blacktopping works, residents say they are disheartened to see the rapid deterioration of the road.

The newly laid surface is eroding, and potholes are emerging, making daily commutes as risky and uncomfortable as they were before.

“The condition of the road is not good. The blacktopping works have not been carried out properly as the new surface is coming off. If heavy vehicles travel on this road for a week, I doubt all the newly laid surface will come off,” said Dal Bdr Mongar, a resident.

“The road is showing early signs of wear and tear because they started the blacktopping works during the monsoon season when it was raining a lot. The road is slowly returning to its earlier form,” said Lungten Choejey, another resident.

The gewog administration, mindful of the growing concerns, has told the residents that action will be taken to address the situation.

Gewog officials also said that while handing over the project, the contractor gave an assurance letter stating necessary maintenance would be immediately carried out if the road wore prematurely.

According to gewog officials, the contractor has been informed of the current state of the road and has committed to reworking it by the end of this year.

The road resurfacing works initially commenced in March of this year; however, work was temporarily halted due to equipment damage. The works were eventually completed by the end of June.

The entire stretch was blacktopped with a budget of Nu 4.6 M.

Passang Dorji, Samtse

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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