Tshechu fair features authentic traditional Bhutanese cuisines


If you are in the capital, take a stroll along the clock tower square and you might just get to taste authentic traditional Bhutanese cuisines. A four-day Tshechu Fair is underway with displays of native cuisines from seven districts along with local products. The fair is also celebrating the auspicious birth of Her Royal Highness the Princess. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment in collaboration with the Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs is organising the fair.

The fair aims to support and promote native cuisine and build a network between start-up businesses in the country.

Representatives from cottage and small industries, startups, Civil Society Organisations, and Grassroots Rural Entrepreneurs Women are present at the Tshechu fair with their local products.

The ministry added that this event is expected to support youths and women so that local products can gain an advantage over imported ones.

“Potential customers do not know these kinds of products are available. On the other hand, there are these people who are making these products. They do not have access to the market. So, through this kind of fair it provides a platform for both sides to come together and connect the market not only between the clients, customers, and the sellers but also among themselves because they can also connect within themselves and create a good value chain as well,” said  Tashi Wangmo, the secretary of Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment.

“Everyone here says that the native cuisine is very delicious. We initiated this event, in the hope that it can create a pathway for selling native cuisine in future. This is part of the Shine project and they have organised and promoted this event,” said Damchae Dem, the founder of the Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, natives of seven districts, displayed cuisines passed down from generations at the fair.

Group of five people from Trashigang’s Merak Gewog were among the many who shared their cuisines.

“Because we live in remote areas, we are not able to show our cuisine to others. However, we are able to show our cuisine to people with the help of this opportunity. This fair is a good opportunity to sell our cuisine in future,” said Leki Dema, Participant

According to the Industry, Commerce and Employment Ministry, about 35 participants took part in the event funded by SWITCH-Asia programme of the European Union.

Singye Dema

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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