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First woman president to lead a political party

Nov 2, 2012

The Executive Director of the Bhutan Media Foundation, Lily Wanggchuk, is Druk Chriwang Tshogpa’s party president.

The announcement was made today even as the party submitted its application for registration with the Election Commission of Bhutan.

Lily Wanggchuk began her career in Foreign Ministry in 1994.  She served as a Bhutanese diplomat for 12 years.  She than served as an Assistant Resident Representative of UNDP and later worked as a consultant both for government and international organizations.

She has a master’s degree in Public Policy with specialisation in Diplomacy and International Policies from Australian National University.

She will be contesting from North Thimphu Constituency.

S.B Ghalley

Lily Wanggchuk said that she is honored to be the first woman party president.  She said she joined Druk Chirwang Tshogpa, as it is a party formed by a group of committed common people with an aim to make a difference.

Meghraj Tamang

After the Party submitted its application for registration with the ECB, it also revealed three other candidates.  A retired Army Major, 58 years old S.B Ghalley, will be contesting from Kikhorthang-Mendrelgang constituency in Tsirang.

Sonam Tenzin

Meghraj Tamang, 48, is the Party’s candidate for Dorokha- Tading Constituency. He worked as a teacher for 20 years, then as a Vice Principal and a Researcher. He worked in real estate business after retiring from civil service.

The party’s candidate from Khamdang-Ramjar Constituency in Trashiyantse is 28 years old Sonam Tenzin. He is an IT graduate.


23 Comments for “First woman president to lead a political party”

  1. khotsa

    Will you people think they will be capable. Hope to see some more candidates. From my opinion DPT is the best. DPT will be the role model

    • Sonam

      let us give people some choices, rather than demoralizing it.

    • DPT is already campaigning in remote part of the country and conducting meetings with the party’s tshogpas. Did you see the news.

      • janga

        Very very true charo..they have indeed indirectly started campaigning for next session..but i guess we cannot say anything cos they are still the ruling govt and they providing food now itself.

    • nice to know that women are coming forward to be aa politicians, we need more women than man coz corruption can be checked and equity & justice will be there to some section of the society which is still pending by DPT Govt. (Census case file) why as a bhutanese borne in bhutan and has been working for self sufficiency Govt restrict to give or treat them as genuine bhutanese.there are many things that need to adress.

  2. Get No Happiness

    Lily truly deserves, I salute her

  3. Lily??? A political Leader???

  4. Tashi Tshering

    From what I know – she is not very intelligent and doer but someone who is very capable and the smartest of all Bhutanese women! I am truly inspired by her courage to lead the party – a post even most men including DGPC MD wants to take over given the huge responsibility. As we all know DPT is so strong that no small political parties have a chance in 2013 elections and knowing this she has stepped forward to join politics which is truly admirable and one can see it is well meaning…sacrificing in service of the nation. Go Aum Lily Wangchuck Go – we are all there to support you!

  5. Sonam Wangmo

    She is a pride for all Bhutanese women! congratulations

  6. Sangay

    When people vote, they should look at the good qualities that make a successful president and leadership ability not history or gender. To me she truly has the leadership quality and my vote is certainly for her

  7. Dorji

    I have worked with her and I can tell you she has leadership qualities. my vote is for her and urge all to support her

  8. Brain Drain

    Take stock of what people talk on prospective candidates, risk of taking making the choice, Lily has done what not many people as you and I immagined would come out. Willing to lead a new party to go against the gaint(as is called). I salute the courage and attitude.

  9. Dorji Namgyal

    Brain Drain, I agree with you….the very fact that she has stood up to stand against the GAINTS that has already started campaigning and has firm roots already shows her true intentions with politics. I think she truly deserves salute from all of us fellow Bhutanese citizens to venturing into an arena that even men dont dare. She has left her comfort zone for the country and I am truly inspired by this woman. Task Delek and may you win with absolute majority – Aum Lily Wangchuck

  10. I wish Dasho Neten joins the politics. I will vote for her party though i am not from her constituency. Otherwise present Jigme Y thinlay is the best if Lyonpo Sangay Nyedup does not join his party.

    • janga

      Aum Neten should be there with ACC so she can still see the corrouption going around…if she comes out then no one will be there…

  11. Thinker

    Have seen her from school days and heard of her. But whether she is capable or not can be determined when the story is revealed and narrated. Given the chance and authority, any normal human being with education and exposure can be a Minister or PM. I do not think anyone has the extra brain. All the famous people become so with repeated trainings. I welcome all. But please do not say that I am joining politics to serve the country. It is serving oneself by asking more perks after winning. Before wining all say the same thing ” I want to serve the country”.

  12. kunzangd

    i dont think she is the right person

  13. I am also proud that our country is having more political parties and different politicians with improved ideas and knowledge, make the country grandeur further. we as a citizen have responsibility to choose the best for the country’s beings. ALL THE BEST .

  14. No mater in which battle you are in, it’s you who must give your best to win the battle. I don’t think every one of us were born as prime minister,minister,doctor and so on……. Who is capable by the birth?. No one of us. Teacher is not born as a teacher by birth but he became capable when he be in the field of teaching. So Ma’am Lily Wangchuk you can do it and also other women too can do the prime minister,ministers and an member of parliament. All the best good luck la……….

  15. jokes

    I now feel that DCT is doing gud. DCT best of luck and go ahead.

  16. jokes

    I m so glad that all the 3 new parties are registered.. we have more choices with new brains rather than using the same old brains time and again with same old styles in every corner. our new people joining politics with different expoosures can bring more modernized developments and also keeping in mind the traditions and culture of our country “Bhutan.” I prefer to have new brains this elections……

  17. K B Gurung

    Best of luck guys. Addressing the people’s problems, development, political crisis, international relation, and ongoing revolution will definately help you to great support today, tomorrow and in future time.
    I thank you for representing those districts. It’s great pleasure to see first women president in our country’s political parties.

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