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Sherubtse students teach locals English

Yeshey Tshokey, Kanglung
Oct 29, 2012

Soon, quite a number of locals in Kanglung will be able to read, speak and understand English. Every evening interested group of learners are being taught by students of Sherubtse College.

The request to teach English was made by these men and women to the Social Service Unit (SSU) Club of Sherubtse College. The Club started teaching English for an hour everyday starting a few months back. When BBS visited the class recently, there were 16 of them, all learning English for the first time.

Dechen Lhendup, a 3rd year student and a member of the SSU is their tutor. To make learning simple and easy for them, Dechen Lhendup explains everything in Sharchop language. “Since they were never educated in English before, we are starting right from the alphabets and with them, all being from different background and speaking different dialect, it’s quite a challenge for us to teach because we have to teach each individual in their local dialect.”

Ugyen Dorji, who served as Kanglung Gup for the last 13 years, is one of the students learning English. His quest to learn English started after he faced numerous problems while as a Gup and while carrying out contract works. Now he is proud of himself.

“I have learnt quite a lot in this one week. For example now I know the sun is called ‘SUN’ and when its sunny it’s called ‘SUNNY’ likewise for wind, I know what is it said in Dzongkha and Sharchop but now I know it’s called ‘WIND’ and when its windy, it’s called ‘WINDY” I am so very happy to learn all these,” says the former Gup.

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Likewise Sukh Maya Rai, has been attending her class for last one week. She has already learnt the alphabets by heart now. “I honestly feel very enlightened now. Earlier, wherever I went it was like I was blind or dumb, although it’s just been a week, it doesn’t feel that way anymore.”

Like Suk Maya Rai, other English learning students are also happy with the opportunity they are given to learn English.

“Where ever I go, most signs are always written in English and it’s so hard for me to do anything because of it, not knowing which direction to follow or what to do next, I am here so that will these can be solved,” says Ngawang Choden, one of the learners.

Norbu Wangdi says he now knows how to save contacts in his mobile phone, identify vehicle numbers and many more.  “This class is really going to benefit me a lot.”

In a few months from now, they are expecting to read, communicate and write basic English. But for now, they have to start from the alphabets.

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  1. Tsering Wangay

    That is great. I am sure Sherubtse can do a lot more of this kind.

  2. cencho

    we shouldn’t forget to teach dzongkha to all the citizenss before teaching english.

  3. i knw sherubtseans can do it..esp. SSU. keep it up..:)

  4. It is a very good job that Sherubtseans have come up with…I am really proud of you all…keep it up!!!

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