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Man stabbed to death near Hashimara, WB

Oct 27, 2012

A 33-year-old Bhutanese man was found dead by the side of a road in Hashimara, India, about 21 kilometres from Phuentsholing towards Samtse. The police had received the information at around 4 in the evening yesterday.

The deceased had succumbed to a stab injury on the right side of his neck. According to the police, the deceased, who was a forester at Rinchending check post, went to Samtse yesterday and was returning the same day to Phuentsholing at around 2 p.m. He was driving a taxi, which is now missing. The case has been forwarded to Alipur district under West Bengal state for further investigation.

The deceased from Chuzzagang in Sarpang is survived by a wife and two children.

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  1. Sonam

    This is what the differece between the Bhutanese and Indian common inspiration exists.Look at the case of the Indian trucker killing Bhutanese which led to the oil insufficiency for a couple of days.The actions as such by Indian counterparts are taken easily understanding their used to.WHAT IS BHUTAN FOR INDIA IN SICH CASES?

  2. it had become completely unsafe to travel through this southern route now, few day a taxi driver case, now a forester case..uhhh concerned person please talk with indian govt for better life of bhutansese citizen..as there is no way other than stop going through this routes.

  3. Tshering Phuntsho

    While government claims to have an emulative bilateral relationship it is very sad that the reality is not as much as it is talked about in many different fora. Bhutanese do not at all enjoy any level of safety in India while Indians enjoy safety more than what they enjoy in their homeland. Did we ever hear of any Indian being injured or harassed while they were in Bhutan? I think something needs to be done. I hope inter road connection within Bhutan will bring such things to a stop and this is where the government will have to focus their attention and resources.

  4. tharpa

    All this happens due to weakness of the Bhutanese government. The government can’t tell any harsh words to Delhi, instead always lobby on them.

    If any thing happens with the Indians living here in Bhutan, the government takes immediate action and fix the culprits. A bit of call from Indian Embassy is enough to fix our people even under suspicion.

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