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No news on whereabouts of missing taxi driver

Oct 25, 2012

There still is no news about the taxi driver’s whereabouts, even after four days, since he went missing.  He is suspected to have been kidnapped from Dekiling in Gelephu.

The Gelephu superintendent, lieutenant colonel Phub Dorji, said they have informed and sought help from their Indian counterparts in Assam to help them locate the cab driver.

The wife of the missing driver, Chandra Kala Subba, said she called her husband at 4 pm on Monday. She said he was still in Tsirang at that time. “I called him a few hours later, but by then his phone was switched off.”

She said when he did not reach home even by 9pm, she got worried and called him again. She said someone picked up the phone and said he reached Gelephu and then switched off the phone.

She kept trying and finally got through to her husband. “He said he has been kidnapped and he told me not to worry.”

Her husband told her that the people who kidnapped him would demand ransom. “But he told me not to inform police. He said they would kill him if I did. The phone was again switched off.”

She said she called her husband’s number the next morning. “The phone kept ringing for some time and was rejected. It was switched off after 10 am.”

They have a nine-year-old daughter.

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  1. Respected authorities and citizen of Bhutan,
    How can we sleep when our brother is out with our enemies? Its so disheartening to see no progress in the case. Indeed it is shame and we are irresponsible. The media and public would shout a loud to save a yak from the bitcher but we keep silent when human is under the same situation.
    And whats the role of SSB? Just to threaten Bhutanese? Are they not to help us? If they are to gaurd elephants, i won’t feel ashamed to say they are naive.
    LETS sensitize ourselve and protect Bhutan and Bhutanese……….. Seems no one bother…

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