Need for proper taxi stand as congestion and risk escalate, Trashigang

With the increasing number of taxi drivers in Kanglung in Trashigang, the existing parking space has become congested and poses a risk to commuters. The lack of a proper taxi stand has become a concern for both taxi drivers and commuters. Currently, around 20 taxi drivers park their vehicles near the Sherubtse College gate along the highway.

The space has become overcrowded, leading to congestion and potential dangers for passengers and college students.

“The location is ideal for taxi drivers as it attracts passengers including college students who often require our services. However, if we had a designated space, picking up and dropping off passengers would be convenient. Currently, private vehicles and taxis share the parking area, causing inconvenience and posing risk to passengers,” said Sangay Dorji, a taxi driver,” said Sangay Dorji, a taxi driver.

“In the past, we had fewer taxi drivers and the situation was manageable. However, with each passing year, the number of taxis has increased, contributing to the congestion. Due to a lack of proper space, we are forced to park along the highway, putting people at risk,” said Thinley Tobgay, another taxi driver.

“The current taxi parking area is small. And with the growing number of vehicles, finding a good parking spot has become a challenge. To secure a spot, I have to come early in the morning. Otherwise, we are left with no choice but to park along the highway, which increases the risk of accidents,” echoed Sonam Gyeltshen, a taxi driver.

According to the Kanglung Gewog administration, they attempted to address the issue by arranging a temporary taxi stand along the highway a month ago.

However, the solution did not work out as it still posed risks to commuters.

“Currently, there are no plans to develop a taxi stand in the upcoming 13th Five-Year Plan. However, we have a separate budget allocated by the government to be used for various developmental works. The need for a separate parking area for taxis is crucial, but we also recognise the importance of providing proper parking for private vehicles,” said Kinzang Dorji, Kanglung Gup.

With no immediate plans to address the problem, taxi drivers will have to continue using the existing space.

Sonam Darjay, Kanglung

Edited by Sonam Pem

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