First edition of Bhutan Jita Kyoei Judo Cup

The first edition of the “Jita Kyoei Judo Cup” was held in Thimphu today. The tournament holds great significance as it not only promotes the practice of Judo in Bhutan but also the values of “Jita Kyoei” which is a Japanese phrase that means mutual welfare and benefit.

Bhutan Judo Association in partnership with the Japanese government organised the inaugural tournament today.

The President of the Kodokan Judo Institute said such tournaments will greatly help in the promotion of Judo in Bhutan. He also emphasised the Jita Kyoei spirit where people are more willing to promote the welfare of society as a whole.

“A good society is made up of its people and through the practice of Judo it can help in the creation of a society filled with people who possess a strong body and mind,” said Haruki Uemura, the President of Kodokan Judo Institute.

Through the sport, the judokas learn both the practical aspect as well as the values embedded in the sport.

“The tournament is not about winning or losing but the importance of participation. Even while we lose, we learn a lot of values from it,” said Dawa Drakpa, a Judoka.

“In the future, I would like to represent our country again on an international level and I also aspire to become a coach,” said Jigme Yangsel Dorji, another Judoka.

Sabrina, a two-time bronze medalist at the World Judoka Championships with a series of accomplishments under her belt, was also present during the inaugural tournament.

“My main mission is to spread judo values around the world because the values of our judo community, friendship, respect, and courage are so deep in my mind. In Bhutan, we are very lucky to have a community which already knows about those values which Judo is trying to represent,” said Sabrina Filzmoser, the Chairperson of the International Judo Federation Athletes Commission.

Three judo athletes from Bhutan will be participating in the Asian Open Kuwait Cup next month and in the 19th Asian Games in China in September.

Judo, a form of Japanese martial art, was founded by Jigoro Kano in 1882.

Tshering Deki

Edited by Sonam Pem

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