Pema Gatshel district administration moved to new Dzong in Denchi

People in Pema Gatshel can now avail themselves of public services from the new Dzong in Denchi. The administrative offices in the old Dzong have been moved to the new one last week. Landowners in Denchi town, which is the district’s new town planning area, are encouraged by this new development.  

The services of all the sectors were made available from the new Dzong since Monday. All the public services can now be available from the Dzong unlike in the past where some offices were located outside the old Dzong.

Moreover, plot owners in Denchi are now looking forward to constructing buildings. Currently, there are two residential and nine commercial buildings in the new town. Two commercial buildings are under construction. There are around 100 residential plots in Denchi town.

“Most of the shopkeepers have been saying that they are going to start their constructions after the administration moves here. All of them are now eager to start their construction. This will now provide an opportunity for the people and the businessmen of Pema Gatshel to bring about development in the district,” said Tsheten Tshering, a businessmen in Denchi town.

“We have 136 plots in Denchi. And we hope all the owners will start constructing buildings. We hope to see the town’s population grow and see more progress here,” Jamtsho Wangdi who also runs business in the town said.

The old Dzong will be used by the Pema Gatshel Rabday.

Some of the shopkeepers of the old town have already moved to Denchi. The land in the old town is registered under the district administration.

Construction of Pema Gatshel’s new Dzong in Denchi began in 2012.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Kipchu

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