Nangkor residents in PG proposes primary health centre

In Shumar Gewog in Pema Gatshel, Nangkor is one of the most populated Chiwogs with almost 3,000 residents. But the Chiwog doesn’t have a health centre in its locality. People are now requesting authorities to establish a primary health centre for them. Residents said although they have hospitals in the Gewog, they are located quite far from the Chiwog. The issue was also raised during the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu.

There are two hospitals in Shumar Gewog. But both of them are located about ten kilometres from Nangkor chiwog.

With two schools and an increasing population, the residents are requesting a health centre in Nangkor.

“The hospital is far from here and we have to hire vehicles when we have to visit it as most of us don’t own a car. That vehicle would drop us at the hospital and go back. But when we are done with the checkup, we have to again hire another vehicle. This is difficult for us,” said Dechen Wangdi, a resident of Nangkor.

“It is challenging especially when the students fall sick during night hours. When we take sick students to the hospital, there are some others who would fall sick at the same time. As a matron, I have to stay in the school all the time taking care of the students. This is difficult for me. Moreover, the parents also live far away,” said Tshering Yangzom, Matron of Nangkor Central School.

“When we send the bus and staff to the hospital, we face a lot of challenges. So, if a health centre is established here, it will be convenient for us,” said Ugyen Tshewang, Vice Principal of Nangkor Central School.

Shumar Gup Sonam Dhendup raised the concern in the Dzongkhag Tshogdu. He said the RNR centre will be soon vacated and can be used as a health centre.

“When the students have to travel, they cannot study on time. Likewise, the residents have to spend a lot to visit the hospital. We don’t have to construct any structure as we can use the existing RNR centre. We would be very grateful if we are provided with one health worker,” said Sonam Dhendup, Shumar Gup.

However, the district health officer Singye Dorji said Nangkor Chiwog falls under the catchment area of the district hospital, which means the district hospital caters services to the residents in Nangkor. Moreover, he added that the chiwog doesn’t meet the criteria to have a health centre.

“The district administration and town will be shifted to Denchi. So, we have plans to construct a hospital there. And if we establish one more, there will be four health centres in one gewog. It is not only the villagers of Shumar who have to travel far to avail themselves of the services.”

After much deliberation, the house decided to write to the health ministry on the possibility of establishing a health centre in Nangkor.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Tshering Zam

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