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Venturing into men’s world

Sep 30, 2012

Young women in the country are in the process of carving out a niche in what supposedly used to be a man’s profession. They say the grime and grease will not bar them from achieving their dreams.

Out of 135 students studying in Samthang Institute of Automobile Engineering in Wangduephodrang, 17 of them are women.

One of the students, Genu Maya Rai, said she wants to open an automobile workshop in Wangdue. “There are a fewer workshops in Wangdue as compared to Thimphu and this is the reason why I want to open a workshop here,” she said.

Another student Dawa Dem said a graduation does not necessarily mean a gurantee to a secure job. “With this training I will be creating a job for myself,” she said.

They said they met many people who discouraged them saying the work is going to be manual and that they will not be able to handle the pressure.

“They are wrong,” said Genu Maya Rai.

As compared to past years, Samthang Institute is now seeing more number of women interested in joining automobile engineering course.

The institute’s Principal, Sangay Wangchuk said it is easier for women now to join this line of profession as most automobile works have been digitalized. “Training is all what our women need.”



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