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Ped-Day circular on breastfeeding mothers backfires in Monggar

Sep 24, 2012

Out of 40 teachers in Monggar Lower Secondary School, 10 of them are breastfeeding mothers which means a quarter of the teaching staff will take-off on Pedestrian day if the circular is followed. The cabinet secretariat had issued a recently circular which states that all breastfeeding working mothers can work from home on the Pedestrian Day. But none of these mothers have been allowed to stay away from school.

A 36-year-old mother, Ngawang Choden lives a few kilometers away from the school at Yagang. Every Tuesday, she walks over an hour to go to school and another hour to return home. She says feeding her 14 months old baby and at the same time teaching especially on Tuesdays is a huge challenge.

“The circular is hardly being implemented,” says Ngawang Choden, “we mothers still come to school.” She says it isn’t an easy task to juggle between her baby, home and work at the same time.

The Principal of Monggar Lower Secondary School, Kinley Dorji, is happy that not a single teacher has asked for a day off on Pedestrian Day.

“Ours is different from other Ministries. We have to teach our students regularly, so the absence of one teacher would mean a lot of problem,” said Kinley Dorji.

One of the non-teaching staff of the school is also a breastfeeding mother, which takes the number to 11.


3 Comments for “Ped-Day circular on breastfeeding mothers backfires in Monggar”

  1. Judro

    If the circular is not to be followed, then why should it be circulated. I think people living in the headquarters are crazy. Before taking any decision, they forgot to take into consideration of What, What for. to whom, and Why. If it is to be followed, why there is a discrimination. Is this called ” Fair and Justice”
    I think all the Bhutanese women deserves the same and equal treatment. In the circular, there is no discrimination for breastfeeding teachers. Why is this things emerging more and more in Bhutan?????????????????

  2. I think BBS should also interview some of the people who were responsible for producing the circular. Not having included that above will not only make the report incomplete but also gives a sense vaccum as a reader. It will always be best not to report something that is not complete in future.

  3. Me/Mrs. Phichakpa has rightly notified!!! Media has to adopt his suggestiong in regard to interview the concerned official first. One should always streamline every angle while coming up like this decision.
    There is no implementation in private atall as if private ladies are excluded from the citizenship

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