Gazawung village, the last village in Pema Gatshel to be connected with farm road

All the villages in Pema Gatshel are now connected by farm road. Gazawung village in Chhoekhorling Gewog is the last village in the district to have a road. With the construction of farm roads, farmers are encouraged in cultivating vegetables on a commercial scale and many developmental activities are taking place.

The 5-kilometre road connecting Gazawung village was constructed last year. And since then some people can be seen constructing new houses and some have already completed the construction. Until today, the villagers couldn’t construct houses as they have to carry all the goods on their backs.

“In the past, I couldn’t construct the house as the transportation charge was costly. Now with road connectivity, it is easier and cheaper,” said Khordhey Choezang, a resident.

Farmers said they will cultivate more vegetables and fruits.

“As our village is connected with the road, we must look for opportunities to earn. So, we are discussing planting fruit trees and coffee plants,” said Khordhey Choezang.

“I have some land. I am cultivating vegetables thinking that it is better to earn some income from it. We depend on imported rice and so now I am planning to grow paddy,” said Sangay Nidup, another resident.

The farm road benefits ten families in the village.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Tshering Zam

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