The Netherlands government to fund 50 % of Gelephu Flood Protection Project

To permanently solve the seasonal destruction caused mainly by the monsoon flood in Gelephu, the Netherlands government has committed to fund 50 per cent of the Gelephu Flood Protection Project. The estimated Nu 560 M project will construct flood protection walls in five identified flood-prone areas.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands visited the five-identified flood-prone areas in Gelephu yesterday.

The Chief Engineer of Gelephu Thromde said the Flood Engineering Management Division under the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement carried out a feasibility study of the Project in 2019 with technical and financial support from the Netherlands government.

“We have five intervention sites identified by the consultant. One is starting from the Shetikhari bridge towards downstream of the water treatment plant, which is the priority one. The second one is the intervention at Serzhong School, Thewar river because that is very critical to protect the institution. The third intervention is Jogi River along the Gelephu- Trongsa highway and the fourth one is near Gelephu sewerage treatment plant. The fifth one is Shetikhari stream added later because we felt Shetikhari is another stream which is creating a lot of problems during monsoon,” said Ugyen Dorji, Chief Engineer of Gelephu Thromde.

Serzhong Gup said the project will help revive the fallow land near Thewar river.

“It has not hampered our farmer’s land but it is at high risk. Not many farmers are interested in farming nearby the riverside as they fear the swollen river would damage their crops. The flood mitigation wall will encourage farmers to carry out farming on their fallow land,” said Serzhong Gup, Tshering.

Besides 50 per cent of the infrastructure fund, the Netherlands government will provide an additional 33 million Ngultrum as Technical Assistance for the project. Gelephu Thromde and Sarpang district will implement the project with technical assistance from the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement.

Karma Wangdi, Sarpang

Edited by Sonam Pem

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