Thruebab starts at 12:25 in the afternoon tomorrow

There’s more good news tomorrow. Along with the border reopenings, people across the country will be celebrating Thruebab or Blessed Rainy Day. The auspicious time to rinse oneself to cleanse bad deeds starts at 12:25 in the afternoon tomorrow.

According to the Pangrizampa College for Astrology in Thimphu, all forms of water will be sanctified on the day. It is believed that taking a shower on the day will cleanse off your sins and bad karma. The college of astrology says people should face the northern direction while washing themselves.

Sithar Gyeltshen, the Principal of the College for Astrology

‘‘Even while drinking water, we shouldn’t think of it as just water but as holy water. Then it will cleanse our sins. Likewise, diseases that we have will also be cured. Whether we take a shower or drink it, it is mainly our devotion, if we have devotion it will benefit us,’’ said Sithar Gyeltshen, the Principal of the College for Astrology.

According to the principal, people should also pray for the benefit of all sentient beings on the day:

‘‘After taking a shower, we have to pray not just for you but for everyone, for good health and pray that everything goes well. We should also pray for the well-being of the country and its leaders.’’

It is believed the water bodies will remain holy for at least a week. Thruebab also marks the end of the rainy season in the country.

Karma Wangdi

Edited by Yeshi Gyaltshen

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