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ACC completes Gyalpoizhing land allotment investigation

Sep 5, 2012

Out of 99 plots allotted during Gyalpoizhing land allotment, 67 were found to be illegal, according to the findings of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). ACC had released a gist of the investigation in their website yesterday.

According to the investigation report, the Plot Allotment Committee undermined the rule of law and the principle of due diligence, fairness, equity, transparency and check and balance. The report also goes on to say that most of the members acquired plots in the names of their spouses or relatives, while people who lost their land for the township development were deprived of land even upon repeated request to the Dzongdags.

ACC has also found out the terms and conditions of the agreement signed between the local authority and the plot beneficiaries were not enforced.

The case was forwarded to the Office of Attorney General on August 31, 2012.  The Attorney General said the office will soon be able to come out with the decision.

The Prime Minister’s Office says until the Office of the Attorney General completes assessing the report, they will not comment.


2 Comments for “ACC completes Gyalpoizhing land allotment investigation”

  1. don

    bbs must invite the speaker, the then dzongda of mongar dzongkhag, for live interview

  2. yangsel

    Yes, same problem lies with Khuruthang town land allotment. But it is very pity that any paper has not come out with the news. Land compensation for the old town area where now hospital and police station are situated is not in complete yet though it has been aquired by the government in 1980s for the purpose of township. However by hook or crook the township has changed its direction to the present location with a promise to give the land owners a plot each from Khuruthang which never happened. It is good that big shots did quanced their thirst of land wants in that location! May God bless the poor land owners!

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