Sershong Irrigation Scheme to solve water woes in Trong Gewog

The people of Dhangkhar–Trong chiwog under Trong Gewog in Zhemgang are looking forward to the completion of the Sershong Irrigation Scheme. Without irrigation water, the paddy fields have remained fallow for about two decades.

Lack of irrigation water has forced farmers to leave some 20 acres of paddy fields fallow. The only irrigation water source started to dry some 20 years ago.

However, the Sershong irrigation water scheme is expected to solve the long-standing water scarcity.

“From next year, we would be able to carry out paddy cultivation in these fallow fields without any problem. This way, we would be self-sufficient and we do not have to import rice,” said Ugyen Dorji, a farmer from the gewog.

“We have acres of paddy fields left uncultivated due to a lack of irrigation water. The water from the Sershong water scheme will help us cultivate the fallow fields here. At the moment, we are carrying out transplantation by storing water from a small source,” said Tashi Phuntsho, another farmer.

Currently, the construction of an 18-kilometre access road to the Sershong water source is ongoing. It is expected to complete by the end of this year. Once complete, an irrigation canal will be built along the access road.

“Sershong water scheme will be used for both drinking and irrigation purposes. However, it would take another two years to complete. The scheme is aimed to ease irrigation water issue for farmers here,” said Jambay Ugyen, the officiating District Agriculture Officer.

The Nu 50 M worth water scheme will benefit nearly 260 households in the gewog.

The completion of the water scheme is expected to revive fallow land and encourage farmers to venture into vegetable production. It is also expected to solve the drinking water shortage in Zhemgang town.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Edited by Sonam Pem

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