Monks undergoing tailoring training for better livelihood

The country is undergoing a major transformation. The changes are taking place across almost every sector including the monastic community with monks getting engaged in various life skills development training. These are expected to make them live independent and accomplished lives. Along similar lines, through the rural skills development project, the labour ministry is giving tailoring training to about 15 monks of Pekar Choeling Yenlag Rabdey at Nganglam in Pema Gatshel.

As they attend the three-month-long tailoring training, the monks are sewing their robes. The said learning just the monastic disciplines and etiquettes is not enough to sustain lives.

“We are very happy that we will now be able to sew our robes and other garments without having to buy. Moreover, we can measure sizes and sew robes that fit us properly. We do not get robes of our size when we buy them from the market,” said Tenzin Choezang, a participant from the Pekar Choeling Yenlag Rabdey.

“We will even be able to help the Dratshang hereafter as we can sew and stitch the torn clothes of the monks in the monastery. To date, the monks had to throw away the torn clothes as we didn’t know how to sew,” said Kelzang Nima, another participant from the same rabdey.

The Lam of Pekar Choeling Yenlag Rabdey said such training will also provide monks with the opportunity to earn some income.

“When we throw away the old clothes, it is degrading the environment too. Henceforth, that will not be the case as the monks can stitch the torn clothes and even sew new ones. Moreover, they will become self-sustainable through the training,” said Peljor Tshering, the Lam of Pekar Choeling Yenlag Rabdey.

The lam added that the monastery plans to seek the government’s support and provide the monks with technical and computer skills and other skills to repair electronics in the future.

Meanwhile, the monks attending the tailoring training are looking forward to giving back to the monastery by sewing religious items after the training.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Phub Gyem

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