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Khaling town’s residents without thrams

Aug 27, 2012

More than half of Khaling town’s residents do not hold a thram for the land on which they have lived for years now. Of the 22 households in the town, more than 16 are without thrams.

Khaling town came into existence in early 1970s.  Some of the residents settled in the town as early as 1973. They are worried they may lose their houses with the land ownership.

The Khaling Gup, Tashi Dorji, said he is working on the issue.

The Land Act of Bhutan 2007 clearly states that a person should have a Thram to own a land.






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  1. Worried Cizitin

    Why is this problems of no thrams everywhere in our country but occupied and eating the land for long long and many many years ago. Are our Mondals and Kharbaries not known of our peoples’ problems and situations? and cries??? of such kind.

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