Country’s GDP will increase to four per cent: Finance Minister

The government is projecting that the country’s GDP for 2021 will increase to four per cent. Finance Minister Namgay Tshering said that the country’s economy is recovering. The Minister said the agriculture sector and the construction sector’s contribution improved, leading to an expansion of the GDP. As per the National Statistics Bureau, GDP dropped to a negative 10 per cent in 2020.

“We have been able to focus more on the agriculture sector since the onset of the pandemic. We have been able to produce more and reduce the export. This has helped towards achieving food security. Before 2015, the agriculture sector contributed about 15 per cent to the GDP, but in the past two years, it increased to 19 per cent. Another one is the construction sector. We have been able to focus on this sector since last year. As the country returned to normalcy and works were carried out as before.”

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