Anju Gurung is training in Thailand for FairBreak Invitational tournament

Picture Courtesy: Bhutan Cricket

The vice-captain of the Bhutan Women’s National Cricket Team, Anju Gurung, will be participating in the FairBreak Invitational tournament to be held in Dubai from Sunday. The left-arm pacer is currently undergoing 10-day training with the Thai National Women’s Cricket Team in Thailand before travelling to Dubai. FairBreak Invitational tournament is the first privately funded tournament for women’s cricket organized by FairBreak Global in collaboration with the National Cricket Association of Hong Kong.

According to the Bhutan Cricket Council Board, the 28-year-old left-handed fast bowler will play alongside some of the world’s greatest international female cricketers. Six teams will be taking part in the tournament. Anju is confident that she will do well.

“As the first female from Bhutan, I am really proud that I could represent my country internationally and create a platform for upcoming young cricketers who want to pursue their dreams as a cricketer. I have been practising and working hard vigorously for the past few years and for this moment. So, I am capable and confident to prove among other international cricketers,” she said.

Anju Gurung has been selected as one of the players from the affiliate member nation of the ICC.

After learning about the tournament, the Bhutan Cricket Council Board wrote to FairBreak Global. The Board sent preliminary videos of some potential players from Bhutan, and Anju Gurung was selected.

FairBreak is a global initiative designed to create pathways for women to have better access to opportunities, education, and high-level performance roles.

Tshering Dendup

Edited by Phub Gyem

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