NRDCAN develops horse feed for the first time in the country- Bumthang

The National Research and Development Center for Animal Nutrition (NRDCAN) in Bumthang developed horse feed for the first time in the country recently. This means farmers will be able to buy horse feed from feed agents in the market probably by next year.

Currently, there is no commercial horse feed in the country. Farmers either feed their horses maize and chickpeas (Chana) or cattle feed which is inadvisable. Moreover, highlanders have also been facing fodder shortages during winter.

The method was taught to participants from the National Equine Research and Development Centre (NERDC) and the National Highland Research and Development Centre (NHRDC) during a two-day training funded by the National Organic Programme, this week. The feed is being trialled at the NERDC, formerly known as the National Horse Breeding Centre. If successful, the production formula will be shared with feed mills across the country for commercial production.

According to the Livestock Statistics 2020, there are more than 14,000 horses in the country.

Kipchu, Bumthang

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