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A tale of Takila’s Guru Nangsa Zelnen

Kuenga Tashi, Monggar
Aug 17, 2012

The construction of 154 feet tall Guru Nangsa Zelnen in Takila under Lhuentse Dzongkhag is in full swing.  The site is located at the top of the Menbi Gewog, which is popularly known as Tangmochuu, a few kilometers away from the Gewog Centre. Our reporter, Kuenga Tashi, visited the site and filed this report on the progress of the works.

According to the founders, the site was chosen as per the prophecy of Guru Rinpochhe. “We have a sacred place Ajana in the east, Yamalung in the West, Khenpajong in the North and in the south we have Singye Dzong. In the centre of these four holiest places, we have this statue,” said a co-founder, Kunzang Tobgay. “It was prophesised by Guru Rinpochhe himself.”

Most of the structures are almost complete. Currently, the work is mainly focused on the important part of the structure, the14 feet tall and 18 feet wide Guru’s face.

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“We are expected to complete the face by end of 2012. We are focusing on the scale and measurement of the face. We want the work to be perfect,” said Kunzang Tobgay.

Over a hundred skilled workers are working to meet the deadline. Some are busy with the interior works and some with the other parts of the Statue. The wood curving is intricate and is based on the idea of Khenpo Karpo.

Bringing in sacred statues and other Nangtens are some of the important works. These are the statues of Jeo ri Nga, brought from Lhasa. They will be installed within the Guru Statue, once complete. The founders wanted to make it more elaborate but the budget constraint   had to be kept in mind.

They wanted the whole statue to be covered in gold. “But while estimating we found that we needed over 100 kilograms of gold,” said the co-founder. So, they have decided to gild only some parts of the statue. For that, they need 13 kilograms of gold. They have been able to acquire three kilogram. Kunzang Tobgay said they will try to raise the needed amount though donations. The remaining work is expected to cost another Nu.70 million.

The idea Guru Nangsa Zelnen was conceived in 2005. However, the construction work began only in March 2008. It is expected to complete by end of next year.

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