“One child, seven skills” already making a difference – Lhuentse

Schools in Lhuentse started the “One child, seven skills” policy this year and it is unique to the district. It is an initiative to give some skills to children that can prove valuable later in life. The policy is being piloted in 18 schools and ECCDs. And it is already making a difference.

In Tangmachu Central School, students have already learned to make offerings or Soelkha for local deities. They also learnt to play religious instruments. Both girls and boys are involved in learning various skills under the programme.

Kinley Yuden, a student said, “I got interested after our lopen came here and taught us about Soelkha.”

Another student Tshering Wangchuk said, “I was interested to learn after our lopen asked students to join him to learn the skill.”

“I am learning the skill so that I can teach other young students,” said another.

Two teachers help the students. One of them is Tashi Tobgay who was sent by the Central Monastic Body to the school. He said many students are interested to learn various skills.

“The students have plenty of choices depending on their interest”, said Sangay Penjor, the Vice-principal.

The programme started in April this year and students are taught 26 different skills. And this happens every Saturday for two hours. The students are learning skills that they can take beyond the classrooms.

Dorji Gyeltshen, Lhuentse

Edited by Tandin Phuntsho

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