Close to 500 women candidates contest in third LG election

491 women will take part in the Local Government Elections this time. Among them, more than 80 percent are contesting for the post of Tshogpa in various parts of the country. 3514 candidates will participate in the third LG elections.

The number of women candidates selected this time is almost the same to that of the second LG election. A total of 490 women took part in the 2016 LG elections, as compared to 491 this time.

There are 399 female candidates for the post of Tshogpa, 57 will contest for the Mangmi’s seat, and 27 will contest to become a Gup.  Meanwhile, there are five female candidates contesting for Thromde Ngotshab and three for Thromde Tshogpa.

In comparison to the previous LG election, the number of men candidates this time increased by 87. 2936 male candidates took part in the second LG election in 2016. The third LG election this year has 3023 men candidates.

Among them, the majority of almost 60 percent are also contesting for the post of Tshogpa.

597 candidates will contest for the post of Gup, 617 candidates for the Mangmi’s post and 2263 people will contest to become a Tshogpa. There are two Thrompon candidates, six Thromde Tshogpa candidates and 29 candidates for the Thromde Ngotshab elections.

The poll day for the third LG election will be held on 22nd of this month.

Pema Seldon Tshering

Edited by Yeshi Gyaltshen

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