GGC of NC introduced ACC (Amendment) Bill

The National Council will see deliberations on the Anti-Corruption (Amendment) Bill 2021 from next week. The Good Governance Committee of the House introduced the Bill today during the opening session of the Council.

According to the committee’s chairperson Surjaman Thapa, the committee proposed about 19 recommendations. One of the recommendations, he said, concerns giving human resource autonomy to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

“Currently, except for the commissioners, the rest of the human resource of the commission is recruited by the Royal Civil Service Commission.”

Other recommendations include defining clear roles of the ACC and the Office of the Attorney General. “OAG is of the view that ACC’s work is just to carry out investigations and that case prosecution and other tasks are OAG’s mandate,” said the committee’s chairperson.

He added the House will also deliberate on the management of confiscated goods. “We will discuss how and who will take care of confiscated goods while the case is under investigation.”

The National Assembly amended 50 sections of the Bill and sent it to National Council for deliberation during the summer session.

Karma Wangdi 

Edited by Phub Gyem

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