Second round of Dhamngoi Zomdu ends with a tie- Sergithang-Maed chiwog

It was a tie for the two gup candidates in Sergithang-Maed chiwog in Sergitang Gewog of Tsirang. The second round of Dhamngoi Zomdu was conducted today after the nominated Gup candidate died last week. 

There were three candidates from Sergithang-Maed chiwog during the last Dhamngoi Zomdu. The former Gup, who passed away recently, was selected. After his demise, the second round of Dhamngoi Zomdu was conducted today to select a candidate from the two. However, it was tied at 46:46 votes. According to officials, another round of Dhzmngoi Zomdu will be conducted tomorrow to break the tie and select a candidate.

Pema Tshewang, Tsirang

Edited by Sonam

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