Not a single COVID-19 case from Phuentshogling in nearly three months

For almost three months, Phuentshogling hasn’t seen a single case of COVID-19. However, the risk still looms large. Sharing a long porous border with the neighbouring Indian state of West Bengal, the surge in COVID cases in the state has always kept the residents on their toes.  

After four months of lockdown, the town reopened in August this year. However, with threats just next door, the Southern COVID-19 Task Force is strictly monitoring the residents’ compliance with safety protocols.

According to a resident, Phub Dorji, although most residents are aware of the increasing cases of infection in West Bengal, not many are serious about it.

“People understand the danger, but they are being complacent as well,” he said.

Another resident said that not many people take adhering to safety protocols seriously. “Some even get offended and get angry,” he added.

However, the Southern COVID-19 Task Force is taking their job seriously. From reminding people to wear face masks to providing them with one and even warning the repeat offender, residents said the monitoring teams are always alert.

Besides the public, the task force is monitoring the front-line workers.

In the last 24 hours, West Bengal reported over 900 COVID positive cases. It is an increase of about 200 cases compared to last month. Similarly, Assam state has also recorded increasing cases of infection over the last month.

Sonam Penjor 

Edited by Chayku

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